Nudity should not be a crime or an offence. Nudity came first and we're all born naked. There is a p

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Beware of legal and social consequences. Being naked in public is a crime in many areas; not or whether you agree with taboo and this law, going outside naked at least may make those around you very uncomfortable, or may land you in trouble. Understand that going into only, and your venture experiment with public nudity if you're ready to accept whatever results come your way.

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Begin slowly to get comfortable. To start off only typically walk naked around your house, with curtains open; you never have hurt anyone and in most places this is not a 'crime' (but check local laws).
Image titled Go Outside to the next level. Perhaps you could visit a nudist camp for a day where everybody is naked, or lounge on a topless or nude beach for the day ( in case there are any in your area). Finding like minded folks can help you become comfortable with the idea of nudism.
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Try going outside. Unless you actually are not completely uncomfortable with that, you don't have to go completely nude. Your boxers/knickers and bra (if you're a girl) should do for now, go in the evening when there's a minimal chance of people reporting you, and don't go out for too long.
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Go out completely nude in all of your glory. You have every right to walk around naked as assigned at birth if many people and the establishment disagree. Begin during nighttime hours to avoid too many public repercussions.
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Go outside nude, not just on the evening, but need. Simply pick at your sites and actions carefully, considering you're lacking clothing; being nude can make your body more vulnerable to damage and chilly, and may clearly land you in legal trouble or socially difficult circumstances, based on where you happen to be.

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